Houses for sale Amorgos island Cyclades Greece


House ID:106

A 2 store house in the middle of Chora in a cozy alley 106.54 m².

Price: 180 000 €
House under construction ID:102

House 150 m² under construction in the outskirts of Chora. The house is in 2 floors, upstairs a big room and bathroom. Downstairs a big hallway and 4 rooms.

Price: 150 000 €

Ormos Aegiali

House ID:204

A house of 73.44 m² on a plot 555.49 m² only 50 m from the beach of Aegiali in a lush garden.

Price: 210 000 €
House or Business ID:203

The property is just outside the port of Aegiali with fantastic sea views. The building is in 2 floors, the first floor is 87 m² and second floor is 84 m² on a plot of 8150 m²

Price: 550 000 €


New House ID:307

New charming house 143 m² habitable and fully furnished in a nice neighborhood in the center of Tholaria at the rural road. It's in 3 levels with a huge veranda on the roof with very nice views over Vigla and the sea towards Donoussa.

Price: 350 000 €


House ID:426

A charming 400 years old house 97.39 m² on a land of 384,02 m² in a beautiful quiet area in the down part of Langada

Price: 220 000 €
House ID:425

The house is 117.88 m² in 2 floors in the center of Langada. It has a court yard and veranda with views over the sea, mountains and the village.

Price: 200 000 €
House ID:405

3 apartment house in Langada at 4 km (5 min. by car) from the port and the large sandy beach of Aegiali offering beautiful views over the sea and the surrounding hills and villages.

Price: 330 000 €
House or Business under construction ID:415

House or Business under construction just outside Langada 447 m² on a plot 1500 m² with beautiful views over the bay of Aegiali, mountains and the village of Langada.

Price: 300 000 €
Old Stone House ID:411

Old Stone House in 2 floors in a quiet and nice area in the down part of Langada. There are also 4 small buildings on the property.

Price: 95 000 €


House ID: 502

The house is 55 m² situated in the village of Potamos. Nice view over the bay of Aegiali.

Price: 140 000 €

Kato Meria